The French Market Bag You'll See All Summer Long

When my husband and I bring our canvas reusable bags to the grocery store, the cute check-out personnel helping us never really knows what to do. To give you some context, we currently live in the panhandle of Florida, where *gasp* no one even recycles. Hence the strange looks from the checkout boy. We used to collect our recycling and take it about an hour away where there was a facility but now, even that is gone. I truly will never understand why this happens here but I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. Being a bag lady at the grocery store has conjured up enough looks already, I've been sure that it was only a matter of time before at least someone catches on to what I'm doing and maybe starts to do the same.

And then, I found the cutest net bag specifically for my produce (since as I'm sure you know, the grocery store wants your red and green peppers separated, damnit!).


This OG market bag used by women in France for decades is made by a Normandy-based company called Filt, that started making net bags for fisherman around 1860 before their 'filet' bag was adopted for more mainstream uses such as groceries, laundry or trips to the beach. Soft, durable and expandable, these 100% cotton bags are still hand-knit and sewn in Caen, France with the same care and craftsmanship used back in the day. It's size and lightweightness means it can be stowed away easily, whether in your car or a suitcase. Plus, it's seriously cute.

I now take it to our weekly Sunday Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies and I'm still getting the looks but now they are more like, 'I want what she's having' looks. I've told everyone that compliments the bag probably more about them than they care to know but the point is, last week I saw a local lady touting the bag around full of some Georgia peaches. So, it was this netted market bag made in France that led to at least one person in my small town to save on plastic... it's the little things. 



Filt Bag | Available at A General Store or at The Line, $18

Ecohip also has a version of the Filet bag on Amazon that comes in a handy 3-pack

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