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A Conscious Curation is a lifestyle blog and guide curating the best in sustainable, ethical & locally-made fashion, organic & natural beauty and conscious living. 

Because fashion and ethics should co-exist. 

I launched Conscious Curation in 2017 with the aim of documenting how someone enthralled in the consumer-centric industries of fashion and beauty can still practice conscious, sustainable and ethical consumerism. I firmly believe that you don't have to sacrifice style for sustainability and that one can still have a closet or vanity full of beautifully curated items; items that bring joy but also have a positive environmental or human impact on the world. A Conscious Curation was created with the intention of showing my love and admiration for fashion and beauty while documenting my ever-evolving journey towards conscious living!

a few more facts about me…

I currently live in a small town in Florida with my Australian husband. We met working at a summer camp many moons ago in Upstate New York, where I’m from. We’ve moved back & forth between the two countries many times and feel very fortunate to have two homes!


Most evenings will see me with a good book and many, many squares of dark chocolate. And a face mask… in fact, I’m a bit of clean beauty addict and used to think I wanted to be a makeup artist.

My star sign is a Capricorn, which I identify with strongly. I thrive off lists & love to plan; whether it’s my next post or my next holiday. I don’t listen to much else other than 70’s rock, with Stevie Nicks being my ultimate.

I adore interior design and a cheese plate would definitely be my last meal request. I was absolutely born in the wrong time period and traveling Europe brings me to tears. Actually, a lot of things bring me to tears (self-proclaimed empath). Especially the movie, UP.

I appreciate quality over quantity in all aspects of my life. Though terrified of the ocean, I love living near the beach. After losing my younger brother at the age of 14, I’ve strived to appreciate every single day & relish in the little things.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. Let’s get feisty, get loud & get conscious. Together.

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