Eco-Conscious Yoga Apparel | Brand Spotlight: VYAYAMA

Mindfulness is a crucial aspect of yoga and so while practicing it during class is important, we should also be mindful about what we're wearing during our yoga practice. A lot of activewear garments on the market are fashioned from synthetic fabrics that are often coated with chemicals, such as PFC's (read more about PFC coating in clothing here) or phthalates to keep the garments from producing sweat odors or stains. While striving to be healthier, how can I exercise and have the hazardous athletic wear I'm wearing while doing so undermine all my efforts? Thankfully, VYAYAMA , a NYC based yoga and activewear brand is here to keep my bum in shape while also saving it from toxins. 


The Brand

"VYAYAMA pronounced 'vai-ah'mah' is a 3000 year old sanskrit word meaning 'to move' and 'to tame the inner breath'."

VYAYAMA offers natural alternatives to synthetic yoga apparel in the form of leggings, tops, bralettes and different layering pieces. In chic minimalist colors and prints, each material used in their products are sourced ethically and sustainably, with only natural fibers that are certified safe. Their belief is that the products we use should have the same level of standards that we hold for ourselves. Produced in small factories in Europe that share their beliefs, their team offers responsibly-sourced, sustainable products that are good for the bodies and the earth.


The Fabric

At VYAYAMA, all custom fabrics are tested and certified safe by the European prestigious OEKOTEX® standard. This certification ensures that no harmful toxins from either materials or the production process could possibly be absorbed by the skin while wearing.

Tencel, one of the more popular fabrics used in their line, is a botanically based certified non-toxic fiber that is crafted from sustainably farmed eucalyptus. Incredibly high performing, it keeps you cool and comfortable while also providing a soft compression that flatters the body. Micromodal, another material used by the brand, is constructed from ecological beechwood forests that grow by rejuvenation. The material is completely biodegradable and creates a breathable, lightweight garment. In addition, handspun cashmere and wool from Nepal are also used in their yoga accessories and layering pieces, for the perfect pre-(or post) workout look. 


The Pieces

I picked up two of their Strata Cupro products: the strappy tank and seamless leggings, which are quite possibly the most flattering yoga wear pieces I've ever owned. Cupro, which is derived from cotton linter (an unused fiber in cotton production), is spun into a yarn in Japan and made into the silky smooth material. The material is incredibly easy to move around in (power yoga, approved) and soft to the touch; it feels like second skin and compresses the body in a super-flattering way. Plus, the cool linear texture detail strategically slims the body and gives it a little something extra in terms of aesthetics and feel. The Strata Cupro Seamless Strappy Tank has a nice soft scoop neckline, with internal cups for some subtle definition and the Leggings are seamless and cropped at the ankle, with a comfortable waistband that sits in just the right spot. Overall, both items have a perfect silhouette with a nice thick material that keeps everything in nicely, while still allowing for a full range of motion; this girl is a fan! 


Leggings | VYAYAMA

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