The Sustainably-Made Fisherman Cap I Won't Be Taking Off All Season

 I've had my eyes on the fisherman cap, also commonly referred to as a fiddler cap or a sailor's cap since early this year. This soft felt cap with a short brim has had a big year and I've been frantically searching for a responsibly-made version since I first saw this one by Brixton in Nashville in January. Thankfully, my maniacal search led me to Yellow108, an LA based company specializing in sustainable hats made from salvaged materials, such as recycled poly, leather + wool or hemp + organic cotton. Their hats, fedoras and caps all have a very American heritage and classic aesthetic, which for me, is important if I'm investing in an accessory; it has to be timeless and something I won't grow tired of. 

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At $38, Yellow 108's fisherman cap is produced from organic cotton and hemp, making it lightweight enough for all year round. I purchased it in the navy, though it also comes in this gorgeous olive hue. This cap is unisex and one-size-fits-all so your biggest problem will be trying to keep your partner from stealing it. I was worried the one-size-fits-all would certainly not fit my pinhead but it fit like a glove and is super comfortable.


I love that the material is perfect for the (not-so) cooler months in Florida. If you live in a cool climate (my NY native self is so jealous), I would suggest going for the OG wool version, like this one from Goorin Brothers which is made in Greece. Additionally, celeb-favorite hat brand Janessa Leone makes a beaaaautiful one, called the Mattie, that is handmade in Italy from wool that is sustainably-sourced and cruelty-free (but for a pretty penny).

Now, excuse me while I channel 1950's Marlon Brando in The Wild One.


Hat | Yellow 108 Anchor Cap

Sweater | Nation LTD SOLD OUT

Jeans | Levi 501's Waterless

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