Non-Toxic Nail Polishes in the Perfect Winter Hues

Featured: Context Nail Lacquer in Night Train, J Hannah Nail Polish in Agnes

Featured: Context Nail Lacquer in Night Train, J Hannah Nail Polish in Agnes

Repeat after me: Not all nail polishes are created equal.

The majority of nail polishes on the market are chock full of chemicals, the 3 main culprits being toulene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. Toulene is a chemical that can cause central nervous system issues and is guilty of producing those sickly sweet (toxic) fumes that everyone in the room complains about when you paint your nails. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that should be avoided through inhalation or skin contact and is often used to make building materials such as woods and adhesives. It is also used as a preservative in mortuaries which is disgusting and I feel like I don't need to go on, but, read more here if you're into that... Additionally, DBP is a chemical with high levels of developmental and reproductive toxicity, especially in boys. The Environmental Working Group classifies it as a high hazard ingredient and an endocrine disruptor, warning it can cause organ system problems.

A nail polish omitting at least these 3 ingredients is great but there are now companies pledging for 7, 9 and even 10-Free, since there are countless other harmful chemicals in our polish, such as camphor, xylene and parabens.

I stick to neutral nail polish colors for most of the year except when winter comes around and I like to go bold with dark, moody colors, reds and some cashmere hues. Scroll down for some of my favorite picks this season!


Context Nail Lacquer in Nighttrain



Context nail polish is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic. It's a quick drying formulation that delivers a thin, almost opaque coverage with a nice, glossy finish. Their dark plum, "Nighttrain" is the perfect hue for winter.

Context Nail Lacquer in Nighttrain, $15


RMS Nail Polish in Beloved



Everyone needs a good red and this one from RMS is the perfect blue-based one. A 6-Free formula, this nail polish delivers saturated color with no streaking and a beautiful shine. It's the perfect color to lift your spirits when that winter weather is letting you down!

RMS Nail Polish in Beloved, $15


Floss Gloss in Tauped by an Angel



Free of 7 harmful chemicals, this perfect dusty taupe is an absolute staple. Designed in Brooklyn and made in California, its long-lasting and with an intense shine that will warrant you plenty of compliments. Plus, Emma Watson adores the brand!

Floss Gloss in Tauped By An Angel, $8


J Hannah Polish in Chanterelle



J Hannah's nail polish truly has the best pigment and the application is perfect, every time. Made in the USA, this one in a light mushroom shade is an earthy, natural color that looks great with every item in your wardrobe. 

J Hannah Polish in Chanterelle, $19


Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Darjeeling Darling



This formula from Smith & Cult is 8-free and definitely the most aesthetically-pleasing bottle of the bunch. The color 'Darjeeling Darling' is a brilliant forest-green polish with rich blue undertones. Highly-pigmented and a 2017 Allure Award Winner. Plus, the fact that it was named as a nod to Wes Anderson is a big bonus. 

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer, $18


Aila Nail Lacquer in Namaste



This 9-free formula is vegan and cruelty-free and proudly produced in the USA. This super shiny and long-lasting warm mocha hue reminds me of my favorite cashmere sweater and curling up with a good book.

Aila Nail Lacquer in Namaste, $17


Jinsoon in Abyss



Jinsoon is a leader in the industry, dismissing 10 harmful chemicals from their polishes. I love this dark, moody blue for its chic color and intense shine.  Jin Soon's polishes are some of the easiest to apply, in my opinion... plus, they last! 

Jinsoon Abyss, $18


Côte Nail Polish in No. 35



Made in the USA, and absent of 10 toxins typically found in nail polishes, Cote make some of the cleanest and safest nail polishes available. This dark red is a little more modern and subtle than your average red, for those of you a little intimidated by color (or is that just me?).

Cote Nail Polish in No. 35, $18


Sundays Polish in No. 22



Sundays is a NY-based wellness brand that offers non-toxic nail services and meditation in addition to their line of natural nail polishes. Their products are 10-free and vegan/cruelty-free. By far, one of the simplest and purist formulas on the market and available in beautiful colors like this rich mulberry.

Sundays Nail Polish in No. 22, $18

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