Detox Your Skin Care Routine in 2018

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As it's the beginning of the year, you've probably made some resolutions to take better care of your body with more nourishing foods and less toxic ingredients. You go, girl! However, have you thought about doing the same thing with your beauty routine? Our skin is the largest organ in our body and if we're loading it with chemicals in the forms of lotions and cleansers, our body is absorbing those nasties. So, you're putting in the hard work trying to drink your kale down and ricing your cauliflower, but your body is still a toxic wasteland if you're not making changes in the products you're putting ON your body. The change can be daunting and incredibly overwhelming as there is so much on the market so I've put together a curated list of some of my favorite non-toxic products to get you started. New year, new you right? 

Face Wash

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Toners & Mists


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Face Masks


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Eye Care

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Lip Care


Tools & Accessories 

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