Blume's Meltdown i.e Your Non-Toxic Answer to Hormonal Acne


I’m 28 years old and I still struggle with my skin, on the reg. My breakouts can be a major blow to my self-esteem and are something I’ve had to deal with my entire adult life. And, I swear, everytime that I feel like I’m getting my skin under control again, my period hits and Mt. Vesuvius appears (sometimes, if the universe is feeling spiteful, it will be a whole mountain range).

After years of being disappointed by supposed acne-cure-alls, I was presented with the opportunity to try Blume’s Meltdown; a powerful facial oil that has garnered 450+ positive reviews on their website; reviews that cite sorcery & magic as the reason for the product’s success. Safe to say, I was intrigued, even though my ego has been crushed by plenty of ‘latest + greatest’ blemish creams already. Apparently, I’m quick to forgive & forget.

The Brand

Blume is, in essence, the ultimate celebration of womanhood. A brand dedicated to removing the stigma behind periods, Blume creates products meant to provide support around that time of the month; whether in the way of safe tampons or clean skincare. Their mission is simple: provide young girls with the confidence to get through puberty & their menstrual cycles by removing the shame surrounding them while providing badass products to assist in those journeys. Plus, in addition to doing good for our bodies and our environment, Blume donates a portion of their proceeds to Days for Girls, an organization that provides menstrual health solutions for girls in schools that may not receive the support they need in those vulnerable times.

The active ingredients

Meltdown is like Blume’s favorite child, for reasons I now understand. Designed as an acne spot treatment that can be used all the time, Meltdown packs a serious punch of anti-inflammatory oils in a teeny little package. Bacteria-fighting {Black Cumin Seed Oil} plays a crucial role in fighting the infection of acne, while vitamin-rich {Rosehip Oil} helps with the production of collagen. {Tamanu Oil} exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that soothe acne while calming {Blue Tansy Oil} reduces the appearance of redness & irritation. If you were to look at the ingredient list alone, you’d conclude that there’s a strong case for the success of this oil. But be forewarned, if you (or your sleeping partner) are not a fan of lavender, this oil exudes a strong floral scent. Luckily for me, lavender oil is something we burn in our diffuser every night so my husband has thankfully acclimated quite well.


I’ve tried Meltdown in a couple different ways; first as a spot treatment when I needed a particularly angry pimple exterminated and more commonly mixed in with my night moisturizer for all-over use. After years of putting creams (...and sometimes toothpaste) on overnight to work their supposed magic, I’ve lowered my expectation of waking up to supermodel skin. And though I still have a way to go until I reach that status, the oil did keep new spots from seeing the light of day while evening out any redness. I smiled the first morning I tried it because the prior days’ volcanoes never erupted. It was kind of magic.

I’ve now been using it for a few weeks and have noticed that in addition to my existing pimples never quite breaking the surface, no new ones have formed. Sure, there’s been the occasional whitehead but no terrifying, crater monsters have even thought about crossing my path. Even my scarring from previous angry-picking escapades have started to diminish. The best part about this whole experience (other than my boosted self-esteem!!!) has been my realization that problem skin can be treated without harsh chemicals and peels. Just a little TLC and some hardworking plant oils.

I don’t want to give in to the sorcery claims, but this product is 100% the result of witchcraft.

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