Responsible Intimates | A Brand Review of Organic Basics

Undergarments should really get more attention than they do. For one, they are an integral part of our outfits; since a poor-fitting bra or visible panty lines are sure to make an impression… just not a positive one. Secondly, they are in direct contact with our skin every day. When you let that thought sink in, it’s disturbing to think about the components of our underwear and how they could be negatively impacting us. For example, did you know synthetic fabrics are not breathable and can therefore increase your risk of bacterial infections? Or, that your briefs may be having a negative human impact on the workers making them?

Before my shift to ethical + sustainable fashion, my only underwear experiences came from the stores that offered “5 for $25” and were made of a suspicious polyester blend. The undies usually fell apart at the seams or ripped in the lacy sections after a few months of wear + were not comfortable in the slightest, but I continued to buy them; not knowing there was a whole world of quality brands waiting to be found.

Luckily, I did wake up to the destructiveness of this kind of purchasing. Even more luckily, I came across Organic Basics.

When we say sustainability is our core mission we don’t mean that sustainability is nice to have - we mean that it’s the only way we act.
— Organic Basics

The Brand

Organic Basics is a European brand that is dedicated to quality, responsibly-made undergarments and driven by sustainability. The factories they work with are just as focused on their environmental impact as the brand they create for; using only natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and or low-impact textiles and continuously finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Each fabric hand-selected by the OB team is high-quality, built to last, and cut into silhouettes that are minimal and streamlined.

Based in Turkey, Portugal, Italy and Austria, the factories also prioritize a safe work space— free of child and forced labor, unfair wages and poor treatment. As transparency is a huge part of their mission, you can read more about their factories on their website.

The Quality

When it comes to quality, this brand does not disappoint. The pieces I tried were both delicate and durable; something I wasn’t sure existed in the lingerie world. No threads were out of place and the elastic waistband on the undies weren’t at all flimsy. The fabric used in my particular pair was super soft and comfortable, while still being breathable. Plus, there are no itchy tags or care instructions; our bottoms don’t need that kind of intrusion!

Typically after a few washes, you can find your underwear looking a little worse for wear. I’m happy to report that mine have looked and felt the same way since I took them out of their initial packaging. I’d say that’s a pretty good testament to the durability of the materials and the clear craftsmanship behind each pair.


The Pieces

I was happy to see that my items arrived from Europe in minimal plastic and recycled options. Both the paper bags and the plastic bags the items are individually wrapped in are recycled; indicating that their commitment to sustainability goes company-wide.

I picked out a 2-pack of the Lite Tencel Briefs and the Tencel Lite Tank Top in Black, as the thought of uber-soft basics appealed to me most. Made from an eco-friendly wood pulp, Tencel is even softer and smoother than cotton, so these are definitely pieces you won’t want to take off. The elastic band on the briefs are reminiscent of the classic Calvin’s, but better. I found the fit to be super flattering, with no pinching or tightness in any spots; I've seriously never come across a more comfortable set of underwear! The Tank Top is perfect for lounging around in or worn under a t-shirt or sweater, as it’s totally seamless. The classic shape means it also looks equally as great tucked into jeans for a night out. The whole set makes me feel really good, while still completing my number one requirement of being comfortable.

Additionally, when you consider the sustainable materials used and the huge focus on comfort, the price is altogether fair. Sustainability doesn’t have to cost you your entire paycheck and the brand is a testament to that, in my opinion. I’m thinking their little undie-packs may be the perfect stocking stuffers for my loved ones this year…

Organic Basics kindly offered 10% off your order with them when you use my discount code: BRITOBC. Simply enter the code at check-out and reap all the super-soft benefits.

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