How I Got Here: My Conscious Living Journey


I've wanted to blog for a few years now but didn't think I had anything important to say. My mom would of course, disagree (thanks Mom!) but I wanted to give said-future-blog substance, influence, importance and I felt I didn't quite have it. I've always loved the world of fashion and beauty so it was always there in the back of my mind... my millennial brain telling me 'start a blog, it'll be great!'. Even though I loved the idea of writing about the best cream blush for your skin tone, I felt I was missing some much-needed grit.

Then, during a pizza-induced Netflix night, I watched 'The True Cost'. I've always been a conscious consumer, aiming to buy quality over quantity and have had a pretty minimal closet, though that is mostly due to the fact my Australian husband, Tom, and I have moved back and forth between the two countries 4 (!?) times now. But when I realized the human and environmental impact the clothes in my closet were having on the world, it shook me to my core. I'm a hyper-empathic person and spent the majority of the night between crying and cursing at the TV. How could the industry I loved so much be so wrong? It was like finding out the truth about Santa; it was too much. I promptly went through my closet, hoping to prove to my husband that the $240 dress I once bought in Australia was worth every penny because surely my purchase was conflict-free! But under that expensive looking label, much to my dismay, were the words 'Made in India'. 

For the first time in my life, my mind was racing and I couldn't get to sleep for days (and I love sleep). I spent weeks researching brands that were either made locally, ethically or sustainably and was absolutely amazed at all the cool clothing, beauty products and accessories from around the world that were preaching (and producing) what I was seeking. Emma Watson, my actual idol and serious girl-crush, started an Instagram for all the ethical brands she'd be touting on her press tour of Beauty and the Beast. I was absolutely shocked at the rush it all gave me. Everything was telling me that this was my substance; it was what I was looking for.

File Jun 17, 3 27 13 PM.jpeg

I don't expect to be perfect but I do want to be aware. Aware of where the clothes on my back are coming from, what impact they are having on our environment and aware that those cheap stockings from Forever21("but they are $2!") are an exploitation of cheap labor and basic human rights. This blog is a way of sharing and documenting my quest for an ethical and sustainable closet, vanity, pantry and whatever else I find along the way. My hope is that it makes it easier for you beautiful readers to live a more freeing and conscious life.

Let's get feisty, get loud and get conscious. 

Dress | Realisation Par

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