4 Ethical Fashion Sites to Bookmark Now


Making ethical fashion choices just got a whole lot easier with the help of some great resources on the inter-web. Scroll for some picks that helped me begin my journey that I suggest you bookmark STAT. 

1. The Good Trade

This online publication site was actually the first one I came across on my search. The Good Trade was launched in Los Angeles by a group of bad-ass ethically-minded consumers who wanted to create social change by helping to drive consumers purchase and lifestyle choices. It features different brands and products as well as some great ideas on how to live a more positive and conscious life. 

2. Project Just

Project Just is an intensive look into a brand or company's transparency, in an industry that is not so great at disclosing such information. They do all the hard work so you can quickly check how your favorite brands fare with their environmental and social practices. These guys dive deep into both the environmental impact the brand has, as well as the labor conditions currently in place; it's a winner if it gets the Project Just Seal of Approval, which is basically the highest honor in our conscious consumer world. 

3. EcoCult

This highly-curated view into the NYC sustainable fashion scene is addictive, informative and a little bit brash. It's a true account of how you can live a sustainable yet fashionable life, even in big cities. The founder, Alden Wicker, also does her research ensuring that every claim made is verified because what's sexier than a well-informed lady boss. Ch-check it out. 

4. Good on You

This is actually an app but it made the list because it's kinda the greatest. It was created in Australia as a way to give consumers trusted ethical ratings, but thankfully, they recently launched it statewide. Find out how over 1,000 brands rate, as well as similar brands that may do better. It even lets you congratulate companies you think are doing a great job, or share concerns with brands you think could be doing better. Now, clear up some space on your phone, cause Good on You is a must-have. 


What sites or resources have been helpful for YOU on your conscious consumerism journey (brownie points if you say A Conscious Curation!)? I'd love to hear!