Non-Toxic Fragrances from Perfume Companies That Give a Damn


The fragrance industry hasn't had a great reputation in terms of their transparency. Listing 'fragrance' on a brand's label could mean, well, anything and since that's all the FDA requires the brand to disclose, it's near impossible to know what exactly is lurking in your favorite perfume. According to Environmental Working Group, "Companies that manufacture personal care products are required by law to list the ingredients they use, but fragrances and trade-secret formulas are exempt."...Disturbing, to say the least.

However, the age-old fragrance industry is under siege. There has been a shift in the industry as of late with more and more perfume brands leading the way in transparency. Keep reading for 10 perfume brands that disclose all the deliciously non-toxic ingredients used and know that you'll never step up to a fragrance counter again.

1. Phlur


Phlur is a responsibly-sourced perfume brand that does things differently. Since fragrance can be damaged by light, Phlur bottles their deliciously safe scents in opaque bottles, discloses all the ingredients and offers sample sets for you to try at home before you invest in a full-size (which you will). Plus, use my code: BRITTANIE10 for $10 off the sample set, which you can later apply as a credit towards the full bottle of your choice!

ACC Favorite: Olmstead & Vaux, a bright and clean blend of sweet citrus and spicy ginger and shiso leaf.

Phlur Perfume, $88


2. Skylar


With their collection of consciously-crafted scents, Skylar does more than blend incredible botanical-based, safe perfumes. They are also conscious of their manufacturing, using recyclable, dual-purpose packaging, producing the product in the U.S and never testing on animals. The bright, fresh scents are all hypoallergenic, with a few lab-made ingredients that the founder promises are safer than some essential oils, such as lavender and citrus, which are usually the culprits when it comes to perfume allergies.

ACC Favorite: Arrow, a warm, spicy scent with notes of jasmine, patchouli and vanilla. 

Skylar Perfume, $78


3. Maison Louis Marie


Maison Louis Marie has perhaps some of the most amazing scents I've come across, with no toxic ingredients that may harm your body or the Earth present. Striking a careful balance between safe synthetic and natural ingredients, they are careful to not use endangered plants that are over-harvested or ingredients that may cause natural allergens. The luxe packaging is also made of recycled fiberboard with no toxic coatings or inks used on the recycled papers.

ACC Favorite: Bois de Balincourt No. 4, which is perhaps my favorite scent in the world. This scent is a strong sandalwood fragrance with cedarwood, cinnamon and earthy vetiver notes.

Maison Louis Marie Perfume Oil, $57


4. Lake + Skye


Each batch of hand-blended mist, oil and fragrance from Lake + Skye is crafted in either New York or Los Angeles. With Ayurvedic healing in mind, the intention of these scents is to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit and provide a sort of therapeutic experience. Crafted in small batches with 100% pure essential oils, these scents make you feel more centered while also garnering plenty of compliments from around the office.

ACC Favorite: Wildflower, a scent inspired by my home of upstate New York where the sweetness from the lily and honeysuckle is perfectly balanced with hints of cedar wood.

Lake + Skye Fragrance Oil, $48


5. By Rosie Jane

james_a-1-530x530@2x (1).jpg

By Rosie Jane products are hand-mixed in California with clean, safe ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts and absolutes. Cruelty-free and vegan, these easy to wear fragrances are packaged in 100% eco-friendly materials and are free of nasty chemicals; just simple, effortless scents designed to be worn daily. 

ACC Favorite: James, a warm, romantic scent reminiscent of Fall with key notes of Fig, Amber and Gardenia.

By Rosie Jane, $50


6. Ellis Brooklyn


Created by the beauty columnist for The New York Times, this luxe fragrance and body care line features sophisticated hand-blended scents that are free from phthalates, parabens and animal-testing. Partnering with sustainable business all along the supply chain, the perfume is bottled in recycled lead-free glass and the company uses carbon-neutral shipping so as to offset their carbon footprint. 

ACC Favorite: Fawn, a flirty reminiscent-of-summer scent with hints of bergamot, amber and milky coconut.

Ellis Brooklyn, $100


7. Lurk


Offering hand-blended and hand-poured perfumes, LURK was born in New York out of a love for eco-beauty and essential oils. The perfumes are made with a simple, pure base of organic jojoba and pure organic alcohol which is then infused with 100% pure essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts. The best part is the concentration is amazing so all you need is a little dab of this powerhouse oil-based perfume.

ACC Favorite: RSW005, an androgynous, rich scent with an intoxicating mix of warm sandalwood & earthy rose.

Lurk Perfume Oil, $66


8. Strange Invisible


Each original fragrance from Strange Invisible is designed, decanted and bottled in Venice, CA. Crafted with certified organic, wildcrafted essences, the scents are completely botanical-based and unfiltered. Plus, they have an entire collection of Zodiac perfumes because is there anything cooler than a scent specific to your star sign?

ACC Favorite: Capricorn i.e. "The Force to be Reckoned With" (It is my star sign, after all). this is a uni-sex, oriental floral fragrance comprises of notes of iris, tahitian vanilla, jasmine, and white cognac.

Strange Invisible Perfume, $125


9. Dedcool


Pretty much every scent from LA-based fragrance brand DedCool smells divine. At 21, Carina Chaz created the line out of a passion for masculine scents and green beauty, disrupting the world of fragrance by introducing her line of vegan, non-toxic and uni-sex scents. Conscious and incredibly cool, this affordable line is one to watch.

ACC Favorite: Fragrance 01 “Taunt”, a unique blend of bergamot, amber and vanilla that is both sweet and sensual. 

DedCool Perfume, $75


10. Abel

These natural, uni-sex perfumes founded in Amsterdam by New Zealander Frances Shoemack are chic, modern and uber long lasting. The first fragrance from the line was launched in 2013 with the goal of making the best natural perfume possible. Each fragrance is composed of a highly concentrated mixture of natural oils and absolutes (organically certified where possible), resulting in intimate and modern scents that last all day on your skin.

ACC Favorite: Golden Neroli, A mix of neroli, matcha tea and ylang ylang with notes of East Indian sandalwood.

Abel Perfume, $64

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