5 Natural Sea Salt Sprays for Enviable Soft, Beachy Waves

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Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn't mean your days of beach hair have to. Even though I strongly dislike the heat and am counting down the days until it's jeans and boots weather, I do love summer for those effortless, sun-kissed beauty looks. With a few new additions to my vanity, I don't plan on kissing those summer beach waves goodbye anytime soon! Here are my top-picks that will make soft, tousled waves a mainstay, all year round. 


French Girl Organics Sea Spray in Jasmine/Neroli 

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This one takes the cake for me because 1. it keeps my hair soft and touchable due to the nourishing essential oils and 2. smells incredible... also due to the essential oils (anyone else digging all things jasmine, lately?!). With the addition of four types of sea salts, it's the perfect formula for encouraging natural texture. Mist on clean, towel-dried hair and air-dry. Voila! Low-key tousled waves with no extra effort. If you're as lazy as me, forget even brushing your hair; I find it enhances my natural texture even more that way! Like all French Girl products, it is free of nasties and is 90-100% certified organic. 

French Girl Organics Sea Spray, $12


Captain Blankenship Mermaid sea Salt hair Spray

captain blankenship mermaid sea salt spray

There's something to be said about products that make you look good while simultaneously doing good. Captain Blankenship's Salt Spray gives salt-kissed beach waves while its all-natural ingredients of aloe vera and organic sea kelp get to work to moisturize and soothe the scalp. The addition of essential oils keeps hair from drying and yielding that dreaded crusty, crunchy feel and leaves strands smelling like a rose garden. 

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hairspray, $24


Herbivore Sea Mist

herbivore sea mist sea salt spray

If floral-scented isn't your jam and you'd rather smell like a Caribbean vacation, Herbivore's Sea Mist is for you. You can't not spritz this coconut-scented spray and feel transported to a tropical paradise. This salt spray gives natural moisture and body with only seven ingredients: water, aloe, sea salt, coconut pulp, radish root ferment and vanilla and lime essential oils. With food-grade organic ingredients, this mist can also be used on the face to refresh and/or detox skin. 

Herbivore Sea Mist, $20


Reverie mare mediterranean sea mist

reverie mare mediterranean sea mist

Handmade in California, Reverie's all-natural hair-care line is one to keep on your radar. The scent of this one is kind of a dream—a mix of vanilla, sandalwood, bergamot, almond and lemon. Although the scent originally won me over, what I love most about this one is its' ability to transform the hair with some hard-working botanicals. Rice Protein extracts strengthens hair while providing enviable volume, algae provides vital minerals and amino acids help to repair. Plus, it's minimal packaging looks great on a vanity. 

Reverie Mare Mediterranean Sea Mist, $34


Rahua Enchanted island salt spray

rahua enchanted island salt spray

Rahua is really up-ing the organic haircare game and their Enchanted Island Salt Spray is no exception. I used to go crazy over bumble & bumble's texturizing hairspray because of its' effectiveness while still being lightweight. The Enchanted Island Salt Spray is the natural version of that hairspray, in my mind. It gives my hair natural texture but with great hold that never feels heavy. Plus, it boasts a nice, subtle tropical scent for that "endless summer" vibe. 

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray, $32

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