Fur Oil: The All-Purpose Hair Oil You Didn't Know You Needed

Not until recently did I recognize that my entire self-care routine involved my face. Each night at my apartment consists of roughly 15+ minutes of careful cleansing, spritzing and moisturizing my skin despite my husband’s voice in the background exclaiming “what could you POSSIBLY still be doing in there?”

My face-focused routine was only shaken up when Emma Watson (bless her) listed Fur Oil as one of her favorite beauty products on the coveted site Into The Gloss. After reading about the cult product marketed as an oil designed for your nether regions, I asked myself, is it possible to have a self-care routine for *down there?!* Have I been unfairly neglecting my pubic region? I decided to step into the light to find out for myself.


The Brand

Fur Oil was designed to be used wherever hair meets skin, which includes legs, eyebrows, underarms and yes, your pubic area. It’s clear that Fur is less concerned with whether you shave, wax or go all-natural and more concerned with removing the stigma surrounding pubic hair and making sure that regardless of your choice, your lady bits feel the love.

Fur’s chic line includes 4 hard-working products that result in smoother skin and hair, wherever that may be. Designed to hydrate and soften skin, the products are also advertised as an ingrown prevention & treatment, all in an aesthetically-pleasing package.

The Active Ingredients

Non-toxic ingredients for your most intimate areas are kind of a big deal, which is why Fur uses only the best. Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, Fur’s products are free of parabens, silicones, and artificial fragrances. A blend of both essential and botanical oils, Fur Oil’s active ingredients include {grapeseed oil} for intense hydration that won’t leave a residue, {jojoba oil} to soften hair and skin, {clary sage oil} to calm any irritation, and {tea tree oil} to soothe pores and prevent in-growns. The combination of vitamin-rich dry touch oils will leave no residue on those fancy silk knickers, while the combination of hard-working essential oils will work to soothe and prevent any irritation or in-growns.

The Verdict

First, there’s the incredible smell. A mix of lemon and eucalyptus, it smells just expensive enough that you feel like you’re a true lady of luxury but familiar enough that you’re instantly comforted. So incredible in fact, my husband began sneaking it into his beard routine. I couldn’t even be mad because, I get it. It’s gooood.

Then, of course, there’s the effectiveness. As someone who personally stays bare below the belt, in-growns are a constant battle to be fought. However, after weeks of regular use, Fur Oil was the MVP in ultimately winning that battle for me. After I welcomed the oil to the party, I saw those pesky in-growns dissipate after just a week of regular use.

Though I was hesitant about the use of oil down there, a few drops after showering quickly hydrated while just as quickly soaked into the skin, ultimately leaving no residue at all (despite my previous insistence that it would). Man, it feels good to be wrong sometimes.

So, however you tend to your garden, this multi-purpose oil is luxurious, effective and definitely worthy of a place in your beauty cabinet. Or heck, just leave it on your dresser for the world to see. It’s really that chic.

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